Activate Post-Paid Mobile Service
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Most postpaid Mobile, Tablet, Home Wireless Broadband and Mobile Broadband SIMs are automatically activated within 24 hours of delivery.

Don't want to wait for automatic activation?

Enter your SIM card number at the bottom of the page.

Please remember to place your SIM card in your phone or mobile broadband device and restart regularly to check if activation has been completed.

How long will activation take?

A standard activation will take between 15 minutes and 4 hours. If you are transferring a number from another carrier, activation will only occur during business hours: Mon-Fri (8am-8pm AEST) & Sat(10am-6pm AEST).

If you're porting your number from a service provider that is on the Optus network i.e. Virgin, Amaysim, TPG etc. you'll need to hop onto our chat portal or call us on 1300 300 562 (During these times: Mon to Fri - 8:00am to 7:00pm EST) to complete your port.

What do I need to complete activation?

1. Your SIM card number
2. Your 8 digit order number that has been sent to you by email or SMS
3. Your new mobile or mobile broadband service number, provided in the Welcome letter.


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